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This project involved the conversion of a former car dealership into a modern office and corporate campus. The comprehensive design-build initiative included gutting and renovating two stories, resulting in 14,358 square feet of upgraded office space, training areas, and conference facilities. Notably, we implemented a solar lighting package, enhanced the detailing bay and car wash areas, and created a dedicated photo area for vehicles. The project featured decorative elements like skylights and clouds, along with polished concrete floors and structural support for filing systems. We also ensured exterior finish continuity, incorporating stone wainscot and constructing a fire exit corridor for the bay area. Throughout this transformation, our effective design process saved the client $275,000, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and excellence.

Superfruit Republic

This project marks the establishment of the second location for a unique concept specializing in healthy superfood bowls. Situated on the ground level of the prestigious 18th & Broadway Sky House apartment high-rise, this endeavor features an inviting patio adorned with a soothing water feature, as well as a spacious dining area. The project includes custom millwork and a stylish serving counter, efficiently accommodating a compact kitchen and a new mechanical system. To enhance brand recognition, we've incorporated decorative lighting and ceiling elements, ensuring this concept shines as a vibrant addition to the urban landscape.

River North Brewery

This project encompassed the creation of a production brewery with a charming taproom at both the original and new Washington locations. We undertook full build-outs, including the construction of a substantial distribution warehouse boasting polished concrete floors and custom chemical-resistant flooring. Unique planks were ingeniously used for a customized backdrop behind the bar and overhead lighting.

In addition, we designed an exposed ceiling, complete with a new HVAC system and thoughtfully placed lighting. Ensuring efficient operations, we built a customized walk-in cooler at the rear of the warehouse, capable of storing numerous kegs. Demolishing existing concrete and exterior structures, we created a convenient delivery bay. Aesthetic enhancements included painted handrails at the entrance, new garage doors, and glass storefront elements. Notably, a stainless steel custom-wrapped backdrop for beer taps added a touch of sophistication to these vibrant brewery spaces.

Lima Warehouse

Our design-build project encompassed a 3,595 square foot office area renovation, breathing new life into the workspace. We also expertly overlaid the existing asphalt parking lot with a 2-inch overlay and striping for improved functionality.

To enhance aesthetics, we removed exterior handrail caps around the patio and replaced them with fresh redwood boards. The transformation continued indoors with the provision of new carpet, sheet vinyl, acoustical ceiling tiles (ACT), FRP, and a fresh coat of paint.

For enhanced functionality, we replaced the existing water closets and lavatories in all six restrooms. The project culminated in a roof repair during the second phase, ensuring a comprehensive renovation that revitalized both the interior and exterior spaces.

Support Inc

This project involved a multi-floor office build-out, with a particular focus on meeting heavy ADA code requirements for a rehabilitation and support services business. We revitalized the space by installing new countertops at reception and copier areas, as well as updating cabinets and countertops in the kitchen.

To ensure accessibility, we added ADA-compliant hardware to all doors leading to public rooms and replaced sinks/fountains to meet ADA standards. The project also encompassed new windows, textured wall smoothing, and niche walls for flat-screen televisions. We replaced all tile and ceiling tiles (ACT) and introduced VCT to harmonize with the first floor, delivering a fully renovated and ADA-compliant office environment.

The Elaine Wolf Theater

This project focused on the renovation of an existing theater to expand its seating capacity. We introduced a new mezzanine and revamped the lobby, modernized the restrooms, and diligently implemented new ADA requirements to ensure accessibility for all patrons. A striking addition to the theater was the construction of a new stair and elevator tower, featuring a distinctive facade. This comprehensive transformation enhances the theater's functionality and comfort while preserving its unique charm.

Animal Family Veterinary Hospital

This project involved the construction of a free-standing, full-service veterinary hospital. This state-of-the-art facility boasts essential features, including a surgery bay, radiology lab, and multiple exam rooms, ensuring comprehensive pet care. To accommodate clients, we also expanded the site with a new 20-space parking lot, enhancing accessibility and convenience. This project exemplifies our commitment to providing modern healthcare facilities with practical amenities.

Wound Care Center at Sky Ridge Medical Center

This project encompassed the complete demolition of existing medical office space, followed by the construction of a cutting-edge medical facility. This innovative space includes the installation of medical gas systems to support various medical procedures, along with numerous hyperbaric chambers, showcasing our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art healthcare environments.

Parker Adventist Hospital - ENT of Parker

Our recent project revolved around the transformation of a healthcare facility, introducing contemporary elements. We redesigned and constructed exam rooms, procedure rooms, and a welcoming waiting area. The project emphasized the integration of upgraded finishes throughout, reflecting our commitment to providing a modern and comfortable healthcare environment.

Invision Sally Jobe

This project involved the construction of an advanced imaging facility, meticulously designed to accommodate MRI, CT, XRay, CARM, and Mammography equipment. In addition to the technical aspects, we created functional and welcoming office and patient areas, ensuring a comprehensive and patient-centered healthcare environment.

Beebe Orthodontics

This project involved the establishment of a cutting-edge orthodontics office within a high-rise medical facility. We successfully installed new dental chairs, modernized restrooms, and a welcoming reception area. Notably, our expertise shone through in the meticulous coordination of core drills and plumbing drain lines to ensure seamless operations, all while respecting the presence of a surgery center tenant situated directly below.

Concorde Career College

We have successfully completed three diverse projects within an existing building. The first involved enhancing the exterior facade to create a new entry for future tenants. The second project saw us construct a versatile dental training lab for dental hygienists, which included full demolition, flooring, painting, and more. Simultaneously, we undertook the challenge of constructing a sophisticated medical lab within the same building, complete with an explosive exhaust hood, intricate underground plumbing, and various finishing touches. Notably, all these projects were completed within tight schedules while the building/school remained occupied during both day and night, demonstrating our commitment to minimizing disruptions.


This project involved a comprehensive office area expansion, utilizing existing warehouse storage space within a building. We introduced essential updates, including an underground system, new RTU, and HVAC system, along with new restrooms and a break room for enhanced functionality.

In the existing office area, we executed a refreshing makeover with new carpet and paint, introduced a conference room, and created additional offices. Our work included code upgrades and renovations in occupied offices.

Furthermore, we fortified security measures in the coin collection facility, including the installation of trench drains, flooring enhancements, and steel plate wall installations. We catered to the needs of a high-security tenant by adding new security features such as pass-through windows, security walls, and reinforced doors in specific areas.

Compri Consulting

This project centered around the renovation of an existing warehouse with post-and-beam construction. Our approach preserved the integrity of existing finishes while seamlessly integrating new elements. Notable additions included full-height glazing at the entry and the conference room surround, exposed HVAC and ductwork, new steel railings, and exterior window repairs. We also exposed electrical components, integrated new break room and office system furniture, modified existing floors and stairs, and introduced new flooring and finishes. This harmonious blend of modern and existing elements revitalized the warehouse space, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.


We have a proven track record of successfully completing four bank projects, demonstrating our expertise and reliability in the financial sector construction.

Voodoo Doughnut

We spearheaded a full-spectrum design-build project for FCBI, overseeing all subcontractors and vendors to ensure a seamless turnkey solution. Our initiative involved the gutting and abatement of contaminated materials from a former furniture rental store on Colfax Ave.

The transformation included the installation of a cutting-edge, expansive kitchen, a modernized dining room, and essential upgrades like a new grease interceptor and hood. To ensure structural integrity, we provided significant basement structural support.

The project also featured a striking new storefront and exterior finishes, revitalizing the space and positioning it as a contemporary, functional establishment.


In just one week, we executed a seamless transition, rebranding Marmot's sister company, Exofficio, into a full-fledged Marmot store. This fast-tracked schedule was strategically planned to minimize disruptions during a holiday week, ensuring a smooth transition for the business. Our scope encompassed new finishes, including carpentry, and close coordination with the owners, who supplied fixtures, resulting in a successful transformation that aligns with Marmot's brand identity.

Superfruit Republic 

This project marks the second installment of a pioneering concept specializing in nutritious superfood bowls. Located at the ground level of the upscale Sky House apartment high-rise at 18th & Broadway, this venture boasts a spacious patio adorned with a tranquil water feature, alongside an expanded dining area. Inside, meticulous craftsmanship shines through custom millwork and a distinctive serving counter in the small kitchen setup. To enhance brand recognition, we've integrated decorative lighting and ceiling elements, making this project a standout addition to Denver's culinary landscape.

New Balance

We successfully completed two New Balance stores, providing comprehensive tenant finish services. Our scope of work included the installation of eye-catching exterior signage, the construction of well-appointed restrooms, the creation of stylish product display areas, and the development of spacious sales areas. These projects exemplify our commitment to delivering exceptional retail spaces.

Sazza Restaurant

This project involved the creation of a highly anticipated restaurant within the sought-after Stanley Marketplace. This project extends to the construction of a new mezzanine structure, which will house offices and storage above the kitchen area. Emphasizing sustainability and local craftsmanship, we'll be utilizing locally sourced materials like blue beetle kill pine and collaborating with local artisans for lighting fixtures in community spaces, cabinetry, and the entry door system. This marks the second flagship store for the proud local owner, highlighting our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Jelly Cafe 

This project revolved around expanding a restaurant's capabilities by adding a walk-in cooler to the existing building. This expansion necessitates the installation of new drain lines, which we accommodate by bored sewer line construction. We're also incorporating a new grease trap to ensure efficient waste management. Additionally, the project includes the construction of a stylish bar area, enhancing the restaurant's overall appeal and functionality.

Gin + Ginger

Our project introduces an innovative high-end Indian restaurant concept designed to serve three distinct functions: fast-casual/quick-serve during the day, fine dining in the evenings, and a full-service bar throughout. With meticulous craftsmanship, we're creating custom-built booths, banquettes, and table tops that enhance the dining experience. The restaurant's ambiance will be enriched with a combination of drywall and acoustical tile ceilings, adorned with extensive decorated finish carpentry elements and high-end tile finishes. To support the culinary excellence, a full kitchen with a hood and an extensive HVAC system have been carefully integrated within the confines of a multi-story apartment complex, situated near the University of Denver.

The Palate Food + Wine Bar

This project revolved around the creation of a self-service wine bar, a significant undertaking that includes the construction of a brand-new full kitchen, a stylish bar, and an inviting dining area. One of the standout features is the extensive millwork display, showcasing craftsmanship and attention to detail. The bar itself boasts a unique textured drop soffit made of maple, while the rest of the ceiling adopts an open structure design, complemented by elegant drop pendant lighting, collectively enhancing the ambiance and aesthetics of this exceptional space.

Milk and Cake

This project entailed the transformation of a space into a delightful yogurt and pastry shop. The completed space boasts a fully finished interior, highlighted by a custom wood plank backdrop behind the POS (Point of Sale) station. We've installed a fully equipped kitchen, furnished with owner-supplied equipment for optimal functionality. To enhance the ambiance, we've implemented new lighting and an open ceiling design with exposed spiral ductwork, contributing to a welcoming and trendy atmosphere.

Declaration Brewing Company

This project encompassed the design and construction of a brand-new brewery and tap room, strategically located within a 100-year flood plain. To ensure the facility's resilience, our scope includes comprehensive flood mitigation measures throughout the design and construction phases. Additionally, we are creating an inviting beer garden to complement the brewery, and installing a 20Bbl brewhouse to facilitate production.

Locavore Beer Works

This project entailed the demolition of an existing martial arts studio, followed by the conversion of the site into a dynamic brewery with a welcoming tap room. We'll also be repurposing an overhead door into a stylish storefront and adding a charming patio area for an enhanced customer experience.

Beryl's Brewing Company

This project involved a complete brewery remodel, excluding the kitchen area, along with the installation of a new walk-in cooler. Additionally, we have applied chemical-resistant, washable paint in the distillery and storage areas. To prepare for new finishes, we meticulously repaired, prepped, and sealed the concrete slab. Furthermore, our scope of work includes the installation of power, plumbing, and footing pads to accommodate new fermenters, kettles, and tuns.

Little Machine Brewing Company

This project encompassed a range of services, including the installation of new services, structural support for a future rooftop patio, the addition of new overhead doors, and the creation of a brand-new brewery and tap room.

Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center

This project consisted of nine meticulously planned phases to ensure minimal disruption to the daily operations of a bustling medical clinic, serving approximately 400 patients daily, including professional athletes. The endeavor involved a comprehensive remodel of an occupied facility, with a focus on the complete second floor overhaul. This encompassed the waiting area, exam rooms, casting areas, X-ray department, and post-operative patient rooms.

Additionally, we successfully executed a remodel of the retail supply store within the facility, specializing in durable medical equipment, scooters, bracing, crutches, and various aids for injuries and surgeries. Our adept coordination and execution ensured a seamless transformation while prioritizing the comfort and convenience of both staff and patients.

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers 

This project commenced with site development, including essential soil work involving lime stabilization. We then constructed a striking wood-framed building featuring a stucco and stone facade, housing a new kitchen and dining area. To cater to convenience, we also incorporated a drive-thru, offering a comprehensive dining experience from start to finish.

Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center

This design-build project involved the remarkable conversion of a former bank building into a cutting-edge veterinary hospital. The facility encompasses a single level with a basement and offers state-of-the-art services including exam rooms, procedure rooms, a fully equipped laboratory, and an advanced X-ray department. This transformation reflects our commitment to creating functional and modern healthcare spaces for our clients.

Larkridge Family Dentistry

This project involved the installation of Pelton & Crane Dental equipment and workstations across medical bays, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the facility. To optimize workspace, we custom-installed cabinetry with wall mounts for computers, ensuring seamless operations. Distinctive privacy glass doors were introduced in operatory rooms, balancing aesthetics and confidentiality.

The comprehensive renovation extended to the entire office, featuring new carpeting and fresh paint. This project reflects our dedication to creating modern and patient-friendly dental environments that meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

Larry H. Miller Ram Truck Center

This project involved a complete interior build-out, introducing a new showroom that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality. We rejuvenated the space with replacement flooring and refreshed interior finishes throughout.

To enhance the business's visibility and curb appeal, we designed and implemented a new storefront, complete with updated signage. Additionally, we transformed the exterior by striping the parking lot and adding effective lighting. This comprehensive overhaul reflects our commitment to creating inviting and functional commercial spaces that leave a lasting impression.

The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

This project focused on renovating the upper level of an existing restaurant to accommodate a new bar, dining area, and an impressive overlook into the lower-level dining space. This transformation involved significant structural enhancements, necessitating renovations to staircases and the kitchen below.

We also skillfully constructed a brand-new bar and added a storage building to the existing rooftop patio, elevating the restaurant's capacity and ambiance. This project showcases our dedication to enhancing the dining experience and maximizing space for our clients.

City Electric Supply

Our recent project involved the winter erection of a pre-engineered steel building by Behlen Manufacturing. Within this spacious structure, we meticulously crafted modern business offices for City Electric Supply, situated on Fulton. The comprehensive interior overhaul featured new carpeting, fresh paint, upgraded fixtures, and a state-of-the-art HVAC and MEP system.

Additionally, we revised the pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) mezzanine by installing durable decking in place of a framed mezzanine, optimizing space and functionality. To complete the transformation, we applied a fresh branding touch to the storefront, utilizing a large, electrostatically-painted wide flange beam, showcasing our dedication to delivering efficient and contemporary workspaces.

Harvard Park East, Suite 200
Portercare Adventist Health

This project involved a complete gutting of multiple tenant spaces, skillfully converting them into a unified, single-tenant space that occupies three-quarters of the floor. To minimize disruption, we coordinated night work in collaboration with the owner. The transformed space now accommodates exam and procedure rooms, elegantly upgraded with premium finishes, showcasing our dedication to delivering a cohesive and modern environment.

Park Ridge Ambulatory Surgery Center

This project focused on elevating an existing facility to meet current Ambulatory Surgery Center standards. This comprehensive renovation encompassed the transformation of medical offices, surgical centers, and examination rooms. We integrated high-end cabinetry and finishes, introduced new, advanced lighting systems, and reinforced fire-rated walls for enhanced safety. Additionally, we upgraded egress requirements and constructed a new vestibule, ensuring compliance and convenience. The project also entailed the rerouting of medical gas systems and the installation of updated panels, reflecting our dedication to modernizing and improving healthcare facilities.

Foxfield Dental

This project commenced with the construction of a new core/shell building, paving the way for a private dental practice. We seamlessly transformed this space into a complete dental facility, complete with essential features like medical gas connections, multiple examination rooms, and luxurious natural stone finishes. This comprehensive build-out reflects our commitment to delivering a state-of-the-art dental environment tailored to our client's needs.

Murray Orthodontics

Our recent project showcased the integration of state-of-the-art dental technology for advanced braces and orthodontics in a chic, modern setting with a California surfer theme. The design, featuring rich dark colors reminiscent of reefs, created an inviting ambiance. A standout feature was the custom reception counter, creatively crafted using multiple surfboards, adding a unique and aesthetically pleasing touch to the clinic's interior.

Gates Tennis Center

This project involved the transformation of a raw, unfinished basement located beneath the City of Denver's Tennis Center, shared by both the US Tennis Association and Gates Tennis Center. The initiative, coordinated and funded by the City of Denver, required meticulous planning and extensive owner coordination. Our construction company successfully removed all existing storage and converted the space into well-designed administrative offices with integrated storage solutions, optimizing the utility of the area.

Change Labs

Our project involved the creation of a fresh corporate office space situated within a multi-tenant building in downtown Denver. Our construction company executed this endeavor with precision and expertise, delivering a modern and functional workspace tailored to meet the client's needs in the heart of the city.


Th project involved a complete interior renovation for a forensic engineering and visualization firm. This transformation encompassed various aspects, including painting, carpeting, glazing, lighting, and the installation of a new HVAC system. Our construction company delivered a refreshed and optimized workspace, tailored to meet the unique needs of our client in this specialized field.

Infinite Beauty

In 2012, our construction company achieved a significant milestone by completing three Infinite Beauty stores. These projects were executed with precision and dedication, showcasing our commitment to excellence in construction and project delivery.

Floyd's 99 Barbershop

This project involved a design-assist initiative to introduce a vibrant barbershop within a mall, overcoming the challenge of limited exterior access. We skillfully cut a new storefront into the mall's side, enhancing its exterior with fresh stucco and a decorative metal panel facade. Inside, we created a trendy, multi-chair barbershop adorned with a captivating rock poster collage on the walls. This project not only revitalizes the mall but also adds a dynamic and stylish new space for patrons to enjoy.

Push Fitness

This project involves a complete build-out within a newly renovated older building on S. Broadway. This transformative endeavor includes the creation of a spacious open area, featuring a range of fitness equipment from heavy bags and free weights to pull-up bars and spin cycles. Additionally, we've constructed modern locker rooms, implemented substantial lighting enhancements, and designed a robust HVAC system to ensure optimal comfort and functionality in this dynamic fitness space.

Anytime Fitness

This project focused on ensuring consistency across various franchise fitness centers by implementing essential elements. This involved creating functional offices, dedicated weight areas, tanning rooms, well-designed workout spaces, and modernized restrooms and changing facilities. Our commitment to delivering uniform excellence is evident in every aspect of these fitness center constructions.

Biju's Little Curry Shop

This project encompassed a dynamic two-floor restaurant space, with the first floor serving as a kitchen and dining area, and the basement acting as the central hub for kitchen operations and storage. An inviting outdoor patio complements the dining experience. Notably, the basement kitchen also caters to the prep and supply needs of other restaurant locations.

Inside, the dining area stands out with custom booths and a food service line creatively constructed from pallet racks. The space features custom wood floors, vibrant murals, and galvanized metal counters, while refurbished masonry and exposed bow trusses add character and structural charm. To support culinary excellence, the project includes two walk-in coolers, one of which is custom-built for optimized functionality.

Le Peep Restaurant

This project involved the conversion of a former bank space into a brand-new restaurant, marking our second collaboration with Le Peep restaurants. The comprehensive renovation includes the construction of a spacious kitchen equipped with a hood and grease trap, as well as the installation of walk-in coolers and freezers to support culinary excellence.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

This project focused on the integration of a new restaurant within a newly constructed multi-story apartment building in downtown Denver. This venture encompasses the construction of a modern kitchen with a state-of-the-art hood system, seamless tie-in to the grease trap, and the installation of a new HVAC system for optimal operational efficiency. Additionally, the dining area will be meticulously designed to showcase corporate branding and premium finishes, enhancing the overall dining experience in this vibrant urban setting.

Dog Haus

This project is centered around the launch of an exciting new restaurant franchise in Colorado, marking a significant milestone as the first of its kind in the state. The endeavor encompasses the construction of a state-of-the-art kitchen and hood system, a stylish dining area adorned with corporate branding and premium finishes, and sets the stage for a delectable culinary experience that embodies the essence of our client's vision.


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Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs

This project revolved around the conversion of a space into a gourmet hot dog restaurant, requiring a comprehensive interior gutting. The project highlights include the installation of structural steel elements (mezzanine, roof reinforcement, and steel spiral stairs), the creation of a distinctive custom painted logo on an existing weathered brick wall, and the design of custom motorcycle "burn out" tire markings on a new concrete finish, which will then be clear coated. The restaurant's design embraces an open concept, and we're adding a large exhaust hood for optimal ventilation. Additionally, an exterior roll-up door will be integrated to enhance the restaurant's accessibility and atmosphere.

Station 26 Brewing Company

This project focused on the transformation of a former fire station into a fully functional brewery. It includes the installation of a new water main and sewer system to support operations, as well as the construction of a spacious walk-in cooler to ensure the brewery's efficiency and success.

Banded Oak Brewery

This project involved the conversion of a former mechanics shop into a contemporary space with indoor seating, an expansive 1,300 square foot outdoor patio, and the addition of a convenient walk-up service window. The renovation also includes the installation of two roll-up windows and three overhead doors, enhancing accessibility and functionality for patrons.

Renegade Brewing Company

This project involved expanding the existing facility to accommodate a cutting-edge 30-barrel steam-fired brew house system. This expansion also encompasses the construction of a dedicated boiler room and grain milling room, with careful coordination for the placement of a new grain silo.

US Bank

This project encompassed a comprehensive renovation of an office and file room, spanning multiple floors in a downtown location. This endeavor involves full-scale demolition, refined finishes, and wall installations. Additionally, we successfully relocated a safe vault to a different floor and implemented upgrades to both the facade and lobby areas.

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